The restoration concept: With a precise strategy to the desired result

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If you plan to have an old wooden object or piece of furniture restored, it is a project that needs good planning. Our restorers at ZRW Berlin work closely with you and develop a detailed restoration concept that meets your expectations - factoring in issues such as time, personnel, and documentation planning.

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The restauration concept in three steps

The goal of any restoration measure is the best possible preservation of antiques. If you want to have an antique piece of furniture restored, preserving its material substance and ensuring the reversibility of possible changes is of the highest priority. Careful professional planning is of the essence. This takes place in three steps:

Step 1:

The preliminary survey

Depending on the condition of an antique piece of furniture, different measures may be available. Before developing a concept, we examine the existing substance and document any visible damage.

For complete and accurate documentation, our restorers also undertake an art-historical classification and provide insights into the object's history as part of the preliminary survey.

Step 2:

Record findings

To create a foundation for the subsequent restoration work, a detailed determination of the material and the manufacturing technique used and a damage analysis have to be carried out. During the determination, our restorers examine

  • traces of use,
  • aging phenomena,
  • climate-related damage and
  • infestation with microorganisms

If necessary, we also carry out a spectroscopic examination. Thanks to instrumental analysis and the methodical eye of our experienced wood and furniture restorers, even the smallest details are quickly discovered while avoiding any damage to the object itself.

Note: When placing an order, we do not lose track of the cost estimate. Do not worry about hidden or subsequent costs, as we can factor in your budget when preparing the concept.

We list the necessary conservation and restoration work for you in an understandable restoration concept that includes scheduling, personnel, and documentation planning for your restoration project.

Note: Based on the restoration concept, we will also be happy to prepare a schedule of services for you. In the field of monument preservation, we, as the Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin (Central Restoration Workshop Berlin), can also assume responsibility for the technical construction management on request.

Wood and furniture restoration:

Restoration concept out of one hand

If you entrust us with your restoration project, we will specifically assign it to one of our experts - from the moment you agree on a restoration goal until the final documentation, everything comes out of one hand. In this way, we ensure a consistent level of quality and provide you with a trusted point of contact at every stage of the project.


Restauration concept by the
Zentralen Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin

Whether you want to have a single object or a complete room set-up restored: Serious professional planning is essential for any restoration and an important cornerstone for your project. Our certified restorers at ZRW Berlin will gladly take care of your request. After an initial survey of your antique and detailed damage analysis, we will create a restoration concept that takes your personal needs and requirements into account. For a reliable assessment, Dipl.-Restaurator (Univ.) Philipp H. Westebbe will gladly inspect your antique in advance and even offer a personal on-site visit to get a detailed picture of your object.

We are looking forward to your request and a personal meeting!

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