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Continuous object care by maintenance contract - prevent long-term damage

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Even after a successful restoration, it is recommended to check the condition periodically. If signs of use or slight damage appear over time, the appropriate measures can be taken at an early stage. This in turn helps to keep the cost of future restoration low.

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The maintenance contract:

The most important things briefly

In contrast to restoring antique objects, which involves restoring an object to its former condition, the maintenance and care of art and cultural assets are subject to preventive conservation. The focus is on the long-term preservation of works of art, which involves not only maintenance aspects but also monitoring the environmental conditions of a valuable object - for example, temperatures or lighting.

If you want to professionally care for and maintain antique furniture, we recommend considering a maintenance contract. Within the framework of such a contract, our experienced restorers, whose trained eyes cannot miss even the smallest damage, will take care of the object for you. If damage is discovered during maintenance, measures can be taken at an early stage and the development of long-term damage can be effectively prevented.

Restoration and maintenance:

When is a maintenance contract useful?

To preserve antique objects in the long term, they should generally be maintained at least once a year and checked for possible damage. If the objects are in regular use, for example, stairs and floors - shorter intervals are recommended.

If antiques have only recently undergone restoration, it is advisable to have the object serviced on an ongoing basis through a maintenance contract to maintain the new state of preservation in the best possible way in the long term. If the last restoration was a while ago,  it is advisable to have your antiques surveyed before agreeing to a maintenance contract.

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Preventive conservation:

How much effort is required for continuous care?

The amount of maintenance and care required depends on the individual use of the object and can thus vary greatly. If the antique to be maintained is in daily use, susceptible to pests and microorganisms, or exposed to an extreme climate, the risk of wear and tear or damage increases - the maintenance effort is correspondingly higher.

If you hire us to preserve your object, it will receive the best care. Fittings and screws are tightened, damaged parts repaired, and signs of wear fixed.

Possibilities for furniture care and maintenance at ZRW Berlin

Each antique not only bears the signature of its manufacturer but is also exposed to a different environment and therefore requires special attention. To ensure the best possible maintenance and care for your treasures, we customize the maintenance contract to the object in question.

Factors we take into account include:

  • Age, provenance, authenticity
  • environmental conditions
  • state of preservation and maintenance
  • the quality of repairs or conservation measures carried out to date

To optimize your maintenance contract, Philipp H. Westebbe, Dipl.-Restaurator (Univ.) of our Zentralen Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin, will come to you and personally inspect your antique on-site in Berlin and Brandenburg. Of course, you can send us photos in advance, based on which our restorers can make an initial estimate of the expected time and effort for maintenance and care.

With a maintenance contract for the expert examination and care of your antiques, you take the first step towards effective preventive conservation. Take this step together with our furniture restoration experts in Berlin, and let us preserve your antiques together.

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