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Transporting antiques safely and reliably

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Do you own an antique piece of furniture and want to relocate it to a new home or a specialist workshop for restoration? In this case, care is the highest priority. Because old furniture is delicate. Based on many years of experience, our restorers know what to look out for and will gladly and safely carry out the antique transport for you.

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Who is responsible for transporting the antiques?

In Berlin, our experienced wood and furniture restorers will carry out the work on used wood, such as flooring or wall paneling, directly on your premises. In the case of antique furniture, the transport to our specialist workshop may be advantageous - depending on the kind of work required and to what extent on-site repair is possible. In principle, you have the option of organizing the transport privately. However, to ensure the best possible protection of your antiques, it is advisable to have the antique transported professionally. We at Zentralen Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin will assist you in organizing the upcoming journey of your antiques and ensure that they reach their destination with the best possible protection.


Special challenges

when transporting & moving antique furniture

If you want to have antique furniture restored or transported as part of a relocation, delicate and careful handling and securing during shipping proves to be essential. As a result, the following factors have to be considered:

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  • The right size: to transport antiques as fast and safe as possible, it is advisable to ensure in advance, especially in the case of larger pieces of furniture, that they will fit easily through the doors at the destination. In the case of a relocation, it is also helpful to decide in advance where exactly in the new house the antique has to be placed. This may spare you a lot of hassle, as the furniture can be positioned directly in the right place and does not have to be moved again.
  • Extreme temperatures, as well as high levels of humidity, can attack the surfaces of antique furniture. Like the preventive conservation of antiques, it is therefore important to avoid climatic (over)stress when transporting antiques. Our restorers at ZRW Berlin will be happy to advise you on this.
  • Antiques often endure an increased risk of damage during transport. To minimize risks as much as possible, it is important to identify possible weaknesses and problem areas in advance. Loose or delicate components (such as glass doors or filigree decorative elements) require appropriate packaging.

Special transport for antiquities organized by ZRW Berlin

For safe, fast, and reliable antique transport, we pick up your piece of furniture or wooden object from anywhere in Berlin or Brandenburg. To offer the best possible protection, Philipp H. Westebbe, Dipl.-Restaurator (Univ.) of our Zentralen Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin, will gladly inspect your antique in advance and in-person on-site to get an idea of the appropriate measures.

On the collection day itself, we assume responsibility for

  • the organization including the best possible packing of the object to be transported
  • the accompaniment and supervision of the antique transport.

Arrange a consultation or pick-up appointment today, and let us bring your antiques safely to their destination!

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