Restoration planning: planning and management

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Are you planning to restore an entire listed building, an elaborate old wooden interior in a sacred or secular building, or a collection of furniture or works of art? We will be happy to do the restoration planning and management of your project in a professional and goal-oriented manner.

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Restoration planning for your project

The service portfolio of ZRW Berlin for public and institutional clients, such as museums, churches, building authorities, offices for the preservation of monuments, palace administrations, insurance companies, galleries, and institutes, but also large-scale projects carried out by private individuals include:

  • The professional technical guidance, support, and advice of the restorers working on site.
  • The coordination and agreement on deadlines
  • Cost control
  • Monitoring compliance with the highest quality standards
  • The preparation of continuous documentation and interim reports for the client.

The range of our planning services extends to the field of architecture as well as museum objects and wooden interiors or works of art in private ownership.

Specialist planning and supervision of your restoration project through service phases 1 to 9 of the HOAI

Our Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin offers you the supervision of your conservation or restoration project through stages 1 to 9 according to § 3 of the Fee Structure for Architectural and Engineering Services (HOAI).

In detail, these entail the following services:

  1. basic evaluation: condition analysis and photographic inventory, examination of findings, conducting preliminary restoration surveys, scientific analysis in cooperation with cooperating laboratories and institutes, mapping of damage phenomena, preparation of damage image catalogs.
  2. preliminary planning: inventory and definition of the conservation and restoration goal, design of a comprehensive survey concept, creation of sample and test areas, execution of test work
  3. design planning: drafting a detailed conservation and restoration strategy, cost calculation for the client according to DIN 276.
  4. approval planning: preparation of documents for obtaining approvals under the monument protection law
  5. implementation planning: planning of concrete conservation and restoration measures
  6. preparation for the award of a contract: quantity determination, elaboration of specifications (VOB) as well as performance specifications (VOF)
  7. participation in the awarding of contracts
  8. object supervision: technical site management, monitoring, and acceptance of the restoration measures carried out and the documentation, measurement, cost monitoring, adherence to schedules, recording, quality assurance, quality control, invoicing.
  9. object supervision: continuous preparation or acceptance of documentation, the rectification of defects, consolidation of various components into overall documentation, textual, photographic, drawing, scientific-analytical and digital documentation of the initial condition, the final product as well as meticulous documentation and continuous mapping of the measures carried out, acceptance

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ZRW Berlin:

Restoration planning with expertise, experience, and enthusiasm

The Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin relies on the expertise of its owner, Philipp Westebbe, a carpenter and certified conservator (Univ.) with scientific and practically proven know-how in the field of art history and natural sciences. In addition, he has gained decades of professional experience as a conservator and restorer for private and institutional clients in Berlin & Brandenburg, and all over Europe. Based on his professional experience, he can look back on a list of successfully realized projects in which he was responsible for technical planning and management.

The following list contains a selection of projects in which he was responsible for the preservation and restoration of the wood-finished furnishings or the realization of the museum and monument related preservation requirements regarding the substance:

  • Roman Catholic exository church Mariä Himmelfahrt in Hadersbach, Lower Bavaria: restoration and conservation of the high altar from 1721 (2012).
  • Conversion of the baroque manor house "Quinta de Vermil", built-in 1624, in Ardegão, Portugal: Restoration of the building substance and implementation of the museum and monument conservation-related requirements for the conservation of the original building substance (2013)
  • Wettenhausen Monastery: choir stalls, made around 1680, conserved and restored (2014)
  • Library in the building of the Vorwärts publishing house in Vienna, Austria: wall paneling (2015)
  • Wedding church in Rehberg, Filialkirche zum St. Johannes der Täufer in Austria: conservation and restoration of the pews from the 16th century (2015)
  • General Hospital (AKH) in Vienna, Austria: panel parquet floor restoration and conservation (2016).

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