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in Berlin & Brandenburg

Historical furnituremodern furniture such as antiques and heirlooms are unique witnesses of history. As qualified conservators/restorers (holders of diploma, M.A., B.Sc.) and carpenters with passion, we want to preserve those pieces for posterity and apply our extensive knowledge of materials, historical techniques, and style periods. As the ZRW - Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin - (Central Conservation Studios Berlin), we belong to a network of conservators/restorers and workshops from various disciplines throughout Europe.

Our certified conservators/restorers dedicate themselves to each object in need of restoration with attention to detail, expert knowledge, and craftsmanship. No matter whether it is an antique furniture, modern furniture, wooden objects or wooden room furnishings:

In our very well-equipped 150 qm Conservation Studios, we perform wood and furniture conservations to the highest standards and in compliance with the Charter of Venice. We conservators/restorers of the Conservation Studios ZRW Berlin are members of the Association of Restorers (VDR) e. V.

Wood/furniture restoration request

ZRW Berlin's clients

private & institutional

Wood/furniture restoration for "private" clients:

  • Joineries
  • upholstery shops
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Furniture designers
  • Interior designers
  • Furniture dealers
  • Art dealer
  • Art collectors
  • Auction houses
  • Antique dealers
  • Artists

Wood/furniture restoration for "institutional" clients:

  • Museums
  • Building offices
  • Monument offices
  • Castle administrations
  • Insurances
  • Galleries
  • Institutes
  • Churches

3D tour of our Central Conservation Studios Berlin

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ZRW Berlin

Restorations as a service

Wood / furniture restoration

Would you like to have a cherished piece of furniture refurbished or a lacquer surface refreshed? Do you need experts to appraise and value a valuable chair or cabinet? With us you get the full range of services for conservation and restoration of furniture, wooden objects and wooden room furnishings - from the removal of defects to the conservation concept.

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Additional services

Central Conservation Studios Berlin

In addition to a majority of restoration specialisations, our Central Restoration Workshop Berlin offers additional services. These extended restoration services are common components of the restorer's everyday work. Here you will find an overview from our Conservation Studios ZRW Berlin to these other services that we also offer.


Cost determination for clients

Do you need a cost estimate? After viewing your object, we will provide you with an accurate offer with a fixed price.

artLABOR ®

Other services: Analytics

Investigations with our artLABOR ®

The Central Conservation Studios Berlin carries out various examinations with its in-house artLABOR ®. In the course of the General Preliminary Examination, we graduate restorers visualise by looking closely. The Technological Examination helps our Conservation Studios ZRW Berlin to learn more about the manufacture and history of an old piece of furniture, artwork or wooden object. Our ZRW Berlin carries out non-destructive, low-destructive and imaging examinations with the help of two workshop-owned spectrometers. In addition, we cooperate with other specialist laboratories.


Analysis by our artLABOR ®

Highly professional special technology for non-destructive testing

Whether for material determination, damage analysis or for determining authenticity: In the Central Restoration Workshop Berlin, we are optimally equipped for instrumental examinations of various kinds. With our many years of experience and our comprehensive knowledge within restoration and conservation, we analyze your object professionally en détail and in the best quality.

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Other services: Sale & consulting

Reseller and consulting of high-quality measurement and control technology from Krah&Grote

The klimaLABOR of the Central Conservation Studios Berlin is a reseller of Krah&Grote's climate measurement technology and enjoys territorial protection for sales within Berlin and Brandenburg. Via its own database, klimaLABOR offers all Krah&Grote products for sale. In addition, the klimaLABOR works in the preventive conservation as a consultant and advises on all issues related to the following topics:

Transducer with analog output

Calibration service

Use our service for the calibration of your instruments:

Accurate verification and calibration of your sensors through a combined air conditioning system that combines the accuracy of a dew point mirror with the stability of saturated salt solutions.

Advice on climate issues

Harmful mould growth, damp walls, destroyed sockets or wall paintings?

We create solutions!

Climate monitoring service

Our service includes constant monitoring for compliance with the specified climate values. Also included in the service is alarming by arrangement.

Climate measurement

klimaLABOR's top products from Krah&Grote

Sale of highly professional measurement and control technology for climate measurements

The versatile product range of highly professional measurement and control technology for climate measurements for the preventive conservation of churches, castles and museums makes Krah&Grote the world market leader in this special field. As klimaLABOR of our Central Conservation Studios Berlin we sell the highly professional climate measurement technology of Krah&Grote as reseller within Berlin and Brandenburg.

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  • CanMeleon System 2.0
  • Software ClimateView 3D
  • Data logger and radio data logger - System MIGO10


What our customers say about ZRW Berlin


Mr. Westebbe distinguished himself in the research project: (Nefertiti ÄMP 21300 - Investigations of the Rathgen Research Laboratory on the restorative condition and transportability) by a very high motivation and above-average willingness to work. He always handled resources and materials in an exemplary manner and had a sure eye for what was important and essential. He always worked in a planned and thorough manner and always met the high demands of the interdisciplinary project to my complete satisfaction.

Director Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Simon: Rathgen Research Laboratory - National Museums in Berlin

Philipp is a quick and concentrated worker, with a good working knowledge of conservation techniques and materials. His objekts were always finished on time. His documentation is thorough, clear and well photographed. Head Conservator Albert Neher: Furniture Conservation Studio – Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

Head Conservator Albert Neher: Furniture Conservation Studio – Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

I had my dining table restored. Philipp is a great contact who has implemented the order super. The table is shining again and looks great. He was able to remove all the burn and water stains. I can recommend his restoration workshop to anyone who wants to have their furniture restored.

Elizabeta Gorgievska (45): Private person from Berlin-Prenzlberg

Mr. Westebbe restored our furniture very professionally. My grandma's old dresser has become beautiful again!

Angelika Meyer (54): Private person from Berlin-Friedrichshain

We know what to do

ZRW Berlin's guide

As conservators/restorers, we face recurring questions concerning the proper care or the optimal environmental conditions for historic furniture and wooden objects. In our guidebook, you will be provided with answers to these and other questions and receive valuable background information.

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ZRW Berlin's history

The Central Conservation Studios Berlin

The Central Conservation Studios Berlin is specialized in the conservation & restoration of historical and modern furniture, wooden objects, and elements. In addition, material analyzes of art and cultural assets and the sale of climate measurement technology from Krah&Grote for preventive conservation is also part of our range of services. Based in Berlin-Wedding (Schwedenstr. 14-15), we are happy to provide advice and assistance to individual and institutional clients in all matters concerning wood and furniture conservation and restoration in Berlin & Brandenburg.

Learn more about ZRW
  • Wood & Furniture restoration
  • Conservation planning
  • Investigations

Our open ear

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Would you like to preserve or restore an antique piece of furniture or have the authenticity of a wooden object or cultural asset appraised? Do you need support with the professional transport of valuable objects? We are at your disposal as knowledgeable certified conservators/restorers (holders of diploma, M.A., B.Sc.) and carpenters of the Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin (Central Conservation Studios Berlin).

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Conservation Studios:

Schwedenstr. 14
13357 Berlin | Wedding

Philipp H. Westebbe

Certified conservator (Univ.)

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Appointments by arrangement!

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About Philipp H. Westebbe

Your furniture conservator in Berlin & Brandenburg

Since becoming a certified conservator/restorer [holder of diploma (univ.)] & carpenter with passion, we want to preserve those pieces for, Philipp H. Westebbe has gained experience in specialized workshops for conservation and restoration throughout Europe. He has been following his passion for working with wooden objects and cultural assets professionally since 1996. He combines scientific and technical knowledge with artistic sensitivity. As founder and owner of the ZRW - Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin - (Central Conservation Studios Berlin), he ensures that old and damaged objects come into competent hands and shine in new splendor after restoration.

The ZRW - Conservators/Restorers of our Central Conservation Studios Berlin:

  • Owner & CEO Philipp H. Westebbe Carpenter & Dipl.-Restaurator (Univ.)

  • Thyl Feuerstein Master carpenter & Conservator


  • Nina Clermont Carpenter & Conservator (B.A.) cons./rest. of wood

  • Marina Graß Art History (M.A.) & Carpenter & Conservator

  • Jens Venske Transporter (Car data: VW LT II colour silver. Loading area: 4.40 x 1.60 x 1.90m with a loading height of 1.75m [because of the doors]; 3.5 tons permissible total weight, i.e. approx. 1.2 tons payload. 158 hp Year of construction July 2006)

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Things to know before your planned wood or furniture conservation

The success guide for potential clients

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  • Access a guide that explains how to plan the desired wood or furniture conservation.
  • What needs to be considered when choosing a professional conservation studio.
  • Save money and time by preventing an over-restoration.
  • Find out what matters in a wood or furniture conservation.
  • Learn which common mistakes to avoid.

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