Determine provenance, authenticity, and the age of antique furniture.

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Do you own an antique piece of furniture and would like to know more about it? Do you want to find out how old the piece of furniture is and where it is from? Maybe you are not even sure if it is an authentic object, plagiarism, or a replica? Our restoration experts at ZRW Berlin can help by conducting thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive object research.

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Age determination and verifying authenticity:

How old is my piece of furniture?

Are you planning to purchase an antique piece of furniture and want to make sure that it is not a fake or plagiarism but an original before buying it? Or do you want to sell an antique and provide the buyer with proof of authenticity to be able to call a higher sales price?
In either case, you should have authenticity (authenticity research) and age determination done on your piece of furniture. Our experts in Berlin have extensive knowledge regarding

  • historical manufacturing techniques and methods,
  • materials used,
  • original construction methods,
  • stylistic preferences and
  • typical regional characteristics of all style periods.

We will date your furniture based on these characteristics to prove its authenticity.

Provenance determination for furniture:

Where is my piece of antique furniture coming from?

Antique furniture has often had to experience a lot during its lifetime, has been touched and moved by many hands, and has found a new home again and again. Therefore, it is often not easy to trace where or even by whom an antique object was made. Do you wonder where your beloved antique dining table or the dresser inherited from your grandparents originally came from?

To determine the origin of antique furniture, we perform a provenance determination. Ideally, such provenance research not only enables us to roughly narrow down the region of origin but even to identify the particular workshop or cabinetmaker himself who once made the furniture. Let us together unravel the mystery of your furniture's origin and explore its history.

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Our tools for the identification of objects:

Knowledge, experience, resources, technologies

The most important aspects for a reliable object determination of your antique regarding age, origin, or authenticity are:

  • our decades of practical experience in the restoration of antique furniture of all style periods,
  • the comprehensive expertise of our certified restorer (Univ.) & cabinetmaker Philipp Westebbe, owner of the Zentralen Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin.

Due to stylistic characteristics and the used manufacturing techniques, we can assign most antique pieces of furniture already after a short survey to a style epoch and narrow down the time of origin as well as the area of origin more precisely. Should this not be possible without further research, we use our direct access to scientific resources. This allows us to conduct in-depth research and make an exact classification.

In rare cases, all our experience, our knowledge as a specialist workshop for furniture restoration in Berlin, and our intensive research are not enough to undertake a sufficiently reliable dating. In this case, we can apply different scientific dating methods and carry out technological examinations to determine the exact age. If necessary, we even resort to more specialized procedures such as a wood age determination using IR spectroscopy, thanks to our cooperation with specialized laboratories and experts from established institutions.


ZRW Berlin:

Check the provenance, authenticity, and age of an antique piece of furniture

Please send us photos of your object in advance for a first impression. However, for a reliable age determination, provenance determination, or proof of authenticity, we must inspect your antique furniture at your premises in Berlin or Brandenburg. We will gladly prepare a written expert opinion on our findings, in which we present and justify the results of our age, provenance, and authenticity examination. In addition, we also provide an appraisal based on our findings.

Let us find out more together. We are curious!

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