Historic and modern interiors conservation: restore wooden ceilings, floors and doors

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We restore not only furniture but all elements of wooden room furnishings from wooden doors to prayer stools in accordance with the Charter of Venice, the central guideline for the preservation of historic monuments.

Restoration of wooden room furnishings: From the hardwood floor to the altar

Do you want to refurbish a wooden ceiling or an old wooden floor, preserve or restore an old grand staircase, wall paneling, or doors? Our wood and furniture conservators at the Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin not only have the in-depth expertise required, but also rely on decades of experience in the conservation and restoration of historic or modern interiors, landmarked wooden objects, and wooden furnishings. When it comes to furniture and wood conservation or restoration, we comply with the Charter of Venice, the central and internationally recognized guideline for historic preservation.

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Preserve/restore stairs, altars, doors:

The repertoire of ZRW Berlin

In addition to furniture, the Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin also preserves and restores installed wooden elements, old wooden objects, and wooden interiors. This may include:

  • gates and doors: entrance doors, hall doors, courtyard doors, wooden room doors.
  • ceilings: beam ceilings, trusses, coffered ceilings, historic ceiling panels
  • floors: parquet floors, for example, herringbone parquet or panel parquet, decorative floors or plank floors
  • wall-attached room furnishings such as wall paneling or portals
  • wooden stairs and handrails
  • window frames
  • interior decoration of sacred buildings: altars, choir stalls, prayer stalls, galleries, pulpits, pews, sacristy cabinets, shrines.

Would you like to have wooden interior furnishing professionally restored? Our specialist Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin relies on years of experience in this complex task. Whether you want to restore a filigree ceiling paneling, a winding wooden staircase with an artistically designed handrail, an elaborate altar, or old doors - with our expertise, the most diverse furnishing elements regain their former splendor and unique character.

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Our services

Which services does ZRW Berlin offer for wood restoration and conservation?

The range of services offered by our experts in furniture and wood restoration at ZRW Berlin includes all aspects related to the conservation and restoration of your wooden room furnishings:

  • restorative woodwork
  • restorative surface work
  • restorative metalwork

Each of these service areas includes various aspects and a comprehensive range of services. If you entrust us with the restoration of your wooden interior, we will for example:

  • clean the wooden object or piece of furniture
  • check the construction for stability and, if necessary, fix loose parts,
  • carry out the woodwork in solid wood and veneer, such as gluing, filling cracks, supplementing wood or veneer parts is missing parts, or in case of chipping,
  • inlaying or repairing marquetry (inlaid woodwork)
  • making drawers operable again
  • reconstruct missing parts and sections as reversibly as possible and make wood additions,
  • visually adjust additions by restorative consolidation in the structure and with varnish and color retouching,
  • uncover original surfaces,
  • make additions to painted surfaces,
  • stripping, sanding, and varnishing surfaces,
  • apply shellac, oil, and wax polishing using historical methods,
  • carry out the puttying,  wax putty, shellac putty, or epoxy putty,
  • carry out retouching of various kinds,
  • restore metal inlays and metal attachments,
  • perform gilding, silvering, and metal leaf work,
  • perform mother-of-pearl work,
  • supplement leather surfaces

In cooperation with restorers and conservators of other specialties, we also perform carving, turning, upholstery work, textile work, braiding, leatherwork, and glasswork. This comes with a benefit: If you commission us to restore your doors, you will not only get the restoration of the door frame, frame, and door leaf of the wooden door, but you will get the restoration of the door handle, hinges, fittings, and lock from a single source. You will receive professional documentation (photo documentation, damage mapping, and technical drawings).

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Restoration of wooden room furnishings according to guidelines for the preservation of historical monuments

At ZRW Berlin, all of our furniture and wood restoration projects comply with the Charter of Venice. Our goal with the conservation and restoration of a piece of furniture or wooden object is to preserve its original substance and aura, thus preserving a piece of history for posterity. To achieve this, our certified restorers preserve the existing condition as best as possible and make sure that all steps of our restoration remain reversible, i.e. can be undone if desired.

Of course, as a specialist workshop for wood and furniture restoration, we only use materials that are appropriate to the respective style period of your piece of furniture, furnishings, or interior design object.

  • materials,
  • original formulas
  • historical constructions and
  • original manufacturing methods.

We use a wide range of scientific analysis methods to determine suitable materials and formulations, to date wood and determine wood species, and to conduct chemical analyses of binders and pigments. As an alternative to supplementary reconstruction, our wood and furniture conservators also consider leaving missing fragments in place for conservation treatment, especially for listed objects and ensembles.

Have wooden room furnishings restored at ZRW Berlin

Would you like to have an old wooden floor, plank flooring, historic wall paneling, an ornate wooden ceiling, or wooden doors restored? Feel free to contact us. We strive to not only bring all our technical know-how of conservation science, our proven craftsmanship finesse, and decades of professional experience in the restoration of wooden objects of all style periods to the table but to preserve your wooden interior for you and our posterity.

Please contact us and send us some photos so that we can get a first impression of your project. Our experienced wood and furniture restorers around Dipl.-Restaurator (Univ.) Philipp Westebbe will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a personal appointment at your home in Berlin or Brandenburg. Based on a personal and professional examination of the findings, we will prepare an individual offer within a maximum of two working days. Let us revive your piece of history together and preserve it for future generations!

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